Michael Chamerlain

Who are you and what do you do ?

My name is Michael chamberlain. I’m the head chef at The Victoria, Holkham and I’ve been here since 2017. I love where I work and I try to use as much produce from the Estate and its local suppliers as possible to cut down food miles.

What do you like about the North Norfolk Food and Drink Festival?

I love visiting the festival to catch up with some of our suppliers in person, as well as seeing new products. I also enjoy seeing what other chefs and producers do on the Cookery Stage.

What can we expect from you this year?

This is probably the hardest question to answer as I try to cook with whatever is growing at the time in the Walled Garden or something from the Estate, for example venison, beef, or lamb so the dish is normally decided at the last minute so the ingredients are at their best.

Where can we find out more about you and what you do?

Visit the Estate website, www.holkham.co.uk